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Please contact us if you live in Plymouth or the surrounding areas and have been affected by the loss of a baby post 24 weeks pregnancy through to 28 days neonatal death, we would be honoured to offer you a lifeline of hope at this horrendous time.


Redecoration of the baby’s nursery for parents who choose that this room is too painful for them to endure on a daily basis. Restoring the room to its original or alternative use.


A relaxing getaway to help both the mind recovering from the trauma and the body recovering from labour. Giving parents the much needed time to process what

has happened.


Food hamper deliveries to help reduce the lack of appetite whilst promoting nutritional goodness. Offering comfort and giving parents the option to avoid grocery shopping and social environments in the early stages.

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Baby Loss Support Group
This group has been created solely for the families of our charity. If you are a parent or grandparent who would like to access a safe space to seek advice, share experiences and talk openly about your child or grandchild, please click 'join' below.

By connecting with like-minded individuals, we hope you can gain comfort and build connections with others through your babies. 

We understand that as much as we hope to believe our babies passed away through unpreventable causes, devastatingly this is not always the case. We have teamed up with the amazing Helena Campbell from Tozers LLP, a local law firm, as a first point of contact for any parent who wishes to discuss a potential negligence claim.


It can be an extremely daunting process but Helena is a specialist in this field, with a vast amount of experience in the baby loss and neonatal death community, and in supporting mothers who have suffered from significant and avoidable birth injuries. She is full of compassion, understanding and she prides herself on having an empathetic approach to all of her clients.


It is totally free so if you have a niggle, doubt or even evidence of neglect, please reach out to Helena for some advice and possible justice for you and your baby.

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Helena Campbell
Associate & Chartered Legal Executive
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