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Luna's Fund

Founded in 2018 by Luna's Parents following the loss of their first born daughter Luna in 2017, the Charity has been designed to offer practical and emotional support to bereaved parents in Devon & Cornwall following the loss of their baby.

Our Mission

To protect, empower and positively impact the mental and physical health and well-being of parents experiencing baby loss.

Our Vision

To empower a generation of well-equipped and well-informed bereaved parents who feel confident, supported and motivated to break the baby loss taboo; to celebrate their baby and to champion better bereavement care.

Our Goal

To be the leading baby loss and pregnancy after loss charity in the South West, providing compassionate tailored support to every bereaved parent.

Our values; the core of all we do

Our values create the ethos of Luna's Fund. They are the blueprint of every decision and action we make, which has led us to cultivate a community of incredible supporters and beneficaries.


Embracing each unique person with reliance and acceptance as we walk shoulder to shoulder together on the journey of life after loss.


Optimistically looking for solutions, opportunities and achievements despite hardship or pain.


Accepting everyone for who they are and for what they want to become.


Creating a mutually supportive community of acceptance, inclusion and identity which organically form & foster friendship.


Delivering support with understanding and acknowledgement through shared experience.


Building confidence to take action each day despite facing difficulty, pain or suffering.


Appreciating the little things that to us, are the big things.

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