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Skydive with Luna's Fund

Thank you for choosing to jump out of an aeroplane from 15,000ft in order to raise money and awareness for our charity! We are very grateful for your support.


Please follow the steps below to start your skydiving journey!

Step 1:
Each jumper needs to raise a minimum of £395. This includes the discounted £250 fee for the skydive and we receive the rest as a donation. Anything more is a bonus! 
Click below, select 'Fundraise for Us' and select the Skydive - 18th August event from the drop down box before you personalise your page!
Fundraising can be daunting but don’t worry there is plenty of time! Cake sales, non uniform days in the office, car washes, a pub quiz, online raffles, car boot sale or Facebook marketplace sales, in lieu of birthday presents or gift, bingo evenings, the list is endless.

All of the £5’s and £10’s add up! You can do this.
Step 2:
In order to secure your place please sign up here and confirm with us once this has been completed:
If you would prefer to fundraise first, head to step one - but make sure to come back to step two when you're ready to get your space confirmed.

You only need to raise £50 in order to confirm your space.
Step 3:
Your free personalised t-shirt is perfect to wear on the day and while you fundraise! Head to the order form on the link below to let us know your details.
Please only use this form if you are confirmed to Skydive with Luna's Fund.
Are you ready to take the leap?

If you need anymore support or if you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Below you'll find the medical form that will need completion ahead of the day as well more information about your jump and your day with us. You can also head to the official Skydive UK website to learn more.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please use the alternative form on the button below:

* This form will need a signature from your Doctor


Please note: Your 8am or 10am slot is your ARRIVAL time not your jump time.


Please make sure you are on time and you have arrived and checked in with the skydiving reception for this designated time, where you will then be taken to your training session before being kitted out in your skydiving gear!

The Skydive Buzz team allocates around 2-3 hours to complete your jump from your ARRIVAL time. Therefore, from your 8am arrival slot, you should complete your jump by 11am and from your 10am arrival slot by 1pm.

You are welcome to bring all of your friends and family on the day to support and watch you! It’s a fantastic family day out. There is a medium sized restaurant/cafe there and a snack station next to the training room along with an outdoor grassy area for families to enjoy whilst you are training and whilst you wait your turn and watch other groups.

You are welcome to bring picnics, blankets and some toys for children to keep them occupied. Please note: It can get extremely hot during the summer months on the airfield and there is limited shade so we advise bringing shade or pop up beach tents for young children. They will be well entertained with the aeroplanes and parachutes on the day!

On behalf of us all thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you on the day making memories that will last forever.

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