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Luna's Fund: 
Remember Me Project

As Luna's parents have found on their journey through life without her, giving hope to others by raising awareness and  breaking the taboo around baby loss became an integral part of their grieving process.


Championing change in maternity care and generating income towards our bereavement and rainbow baby services has been incredibly important to their healing process.  

We are therefore excited to offer families the opportunity to celebrate their baby by undertaking their own campaigning and fundraising, in their baby’s name, free from all the burdens and distractions of running a charity, while meeting the all of the legal and regulatory compliance requirements. 

We have set up our “Remember Me” initiative where we invite you to celebrate your baby and to create your own enduring legacy under the Luna’s Fund umbrella, for which we will provide access to key resources and enablers, so that you can focus all your energy on your legacy project. 


In exchange, we ask that you help to preserve or enhance our reputation by ascribing to our vision, contributing to our mission and upholding our values so that we can collectively achieve our goal:

Image by Joyce G
Our Mission

To protect, empower and positively impact the mental and physical health and well-being of parents experiencing baby loss.

Our Vision

To empower a generation of well equipped and well informed bereaved parents who feel confident, supported and motivated to break the baby loss taboo; to celebrate their baby and to champion better bereavement care.

Our Goal

To be the leading baby loss and pregnancy after loss charity in the South West, providing compassionate tailored support to every bereaved parent.

In developing our charity in memory of Luna, we believe that reputation is everything.  We have therefore established a framework that allows you the freedom to manage your project while protecting what we hold dear.

We will:

  • Provide and administer a web page on our website that is dedicated to your baby

  • Provide access to Enthuse for electronic online donations

  • Provide templates with the Luna’s Fund logo, fonts and schemes 

  • Undertake all charity administration, accounting and compliance activity

  • Separately identify and celebrate the contribution that your baby’s legacy has achieved

  • Use all funds received for our charitable purposes

  • Provide advice and guidance on request

You will be responsible for

  • Creating the legacy theme

  • Developing your web page content 

  • Marketing your baby’s legacy to your audience 

  • Working in line with our vision, mission, ethos and goal

  • Using our templates

  • Preserving or enhancing the Luna’s Fund brand and reputation

  • Managing enquiries and questions about your project 

Events & Activities

We have been blown away by both the generosity and the diverse range of fundraising events and activities that people have undertaken in support of our charity and its beneficiaries.  These have mainly been organised by third-parties, though some have been initiated by us or our supporters. 


For any event that is organised by a third-party, you will need to ensure that they have adequate insurance and risk assessments in place.  Please also check the organiser’s website or Ts&Cs to ensure that you meet any eligibility criteria, such as age, health and fitness.  


If you are considering organising your own event, then please discuss this with us as we will need to ensure that it is covered by our insurance policy and that the necessary risk assessments are in place.  In addition, you may need to undertake some simple checks to ensure that the venue selected is suitable for the type of event you are holding, for example, if alcohol is being served, you must ensure the premises is licensed for that activity. 

Ownership & Responsibility

Luna’s Fund is a charity registered in England and Wales and is governed by its constitution. The constitution provides for the appointment of Trustees and the names of our active Trustees are recorded on the Charity Commission website. Trustees have legal responsibilities, including for the care and management of the Charity, its funds and its operational activities. The Trustees have kindly provided permission for this programme and should any issue arise, the Trustees’ decision will be final. There is no appeals process.

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