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We understand the pain of walking back into that precious nursery for the first time and every subsequent time after that.


How does it make you feel? 

Some say it’s their favourite room in the house, full of warmth, love, and happier times while others say it’s the worst; full of shattered dreams, what should have been, and a daily reminder that a special person is missing.


Before deciding if this service is for you, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you avoiding this room?

  • Have you kept the door closed to protect yourself?

  • Do you need extra support to face this room?

  • Would you like to

    regain the space it was originally used for or use it for a different purpose?

  • Have you got an idea of what you would like to do but you're struggling to find the time, energy, money or resources?

We can help you.


Our super friendly painters and decorators will be able to help you restore the room depending on your ideas and lifestyle. 

You don’t have to decide immediately either. We understand that it's a hard decision so you have a year from your baby’s birth in order to use this option. 

Please get in touch if you need our help to solve this heart wrenching dilemma.

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