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Meet Our Team



Family is at the heart of what we do and who we are. Meet our amazing team who are the backbone of the Charity.

Aimee Conroy

Luna's Mum, CEO, Family Liaison, 
Counselling Skills Advisor

I'm Aimee, Luna's Mum and Co-Founder of Luna's Fund. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the charity which is a true honour and quite honestly, an unexpected dream come true.


My role is to personally liaise with all families and enquiries. I have an eye for personal touches and I believe the little things are the big things so I will ensure the service you choose is tailored to you and your requirements.


As a Counselling Skills Advisor, I am able to offer you support from both a personal and professional level.

I'm approachable, friendly and passionate about making a positive impact in your recovery process and I will encourage you to say your baby's name with pride.

We have huge plans and aspirations for the charity which I am devoted to executing in order to fill the crucial hole in the baby bereavement world.

Ryan Conroy

Luna's Dad, Co-Founder, Chairperson, Support for Dads

Hi all, I'm Ryan, Luna's Dad and Founder of Luna's Fund. I'm an advocate for positive mental health focusing on bereaved dads.


I personally noticed a huge lack of support so I am keen to give us dads a safe space to talk about our angels. I'm easy going, dedicated, and most importantly, devoted to making a difference in the baby loss community. I use exercise  and golf as a coping mechanism for my grief, and I would love the opportunity to help you find yours.


As men we may think we are strong, but together we are stronger.

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Our Employees

First hand experience, family and compassion is at the heart of what we do and who we are!


Meet our amazing team of employees and Trustees who are the backbone of the Charity.


Luna’s Mum 

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve worked in HR, payroll and administrative services for 10 years before building the Charity into what it is today. I have used my extensive experience and acquired skills to learn everything there is to know about the Charity Commission, compliance, accounting, marketing, fundraising, human relations with families, general processes and administration. 


I’m a very creative person with an unwavering belief that anything is possible, I just need to ask the right person, find out how, and do it. I have a very active mind and off the scale energy which I’ve learned over time is my superpower!


I love people. I love connecting with them deeply, and helping in any way I can. I’m passionate about bereavement support and empowering parents to be the best version of themselves. From being in a dark hole aged just 23, to thriving at 30 years old, I’m living proof that you really can be happy again which I honestly didn’t believe. 


I’m here to guide, support and inspire you during your personal journey.


Fundraising Coordinator

Nicki has worked as a Public Relations Officer for the Royal Navy for nearly 20 years and is a former civil servant. In that role she helped a number of Service personnel with their fundraising efforts for various charities.


Nicki and Aimee actually worked together for a short period of time, and she has followed the charity's journey from its inception. 


She has been tempted out of semi-retirement to join the Luna's Fund team and offer her extensive experience to help us grow. Nicki has two grown-up daughters and also spends two days a week running around after her toddler grandson. She also works as a wedding ceremony registrar at weekends!


Service Delivery Coordinator

Emma has worked as a peer support worker for the NHS using her lived experience of loss from losing her darling son Bradley at full term in 2011 to support others.


She endured pregnancy after loss twice to bring her two daughters into the world and has the personal experience and professional knowledge and understanding to provide the crucial support parents need.


She has been invaluable to us already as we’ve expanded to the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust NHS, Truro, and has been at my side on the sofa offering her valued advice as we’ve met our newest families.


Emma teaches horse riding and loves to ride in her own time to sustain her mental health and well-being. 😍

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Meet Our Trustees

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Sally Green

Luna's Nanny, Secretary, Grandparent Support (Mum Side)

Sally here, Luna's Nanny and proud mother to Aimee. I am extremely hard working, dedicated and driven.


My passion derives from my experience through a Nanny's eyes. I am keen to support the Grandparents of loss by offering a listening ear.


My role consists of liaising with all ambassadors to generate awareness through fundraising activities and offering compassionate support and understanding to all bereaved grandparents who are suffering the double loss of their grandchild and the old version of their child.

Steve Green

Luna’s Grandad, Treasurer, Compliance Manager

I'm Steve, Luna's Grandad and father to Aimee.

I am fortunate enough to have an in depth knowledge of charity compliance and accountancy which I have gained throughout my career in Business Management.


This excites me as I am able to utilise these skills to benefit my granddaughter's charity.


I'm fun loving, ambitious and always up for a challenge. The compliance page on the website is my happy place!

Debbie Conroy

Luna's Nannie, Counselling Skills Advisor, Grandparent Support (Dad Side)

I'm Debbie, very proud Nannie to Luna and mother to Ryan. I have gained a Counselling Skills qualification to support my existing personal experience.


I truly understand how important it is to have somebody to talk to. My role is to offer support and understanding at a tragic time.


I am approachable, fun loving and
a great listener. I love supporting the Charity events and representing all things Luna.

Kate Vincent - Website.jpeg

Jonathan Pidgen

Trustee, Fundraising Activist

I'm Jonathan best known as Pidge. I have been involved with the charity from the offset with my wife and two children.


I'm usually wearing a running vest, partaking in quizzes, or supporting on the sidelines with them over the years! I'm excited to offer my support and expertise on this side of the table.

Having not personally experienced baby loss, I offer a fresh perspective for the team whilst understanding the core values and aspirations of the charity having watched them evolve from the beginning.


I'm a trained physiotherapist by day so I always come in handy after sporting events!


I'm laid back, compassionate and a true family man who is always up for a challenge.

Kate Vincent

Trustee, Hospital Relations
Fundraising Activist, Angel Mum to Ayla

I’m Kate & Ayla’s Mum. In my profession I am a registered nurse so I am passionate about effective bereavement care.


Having had first hand experience of baby loss as a bereaved parent, and by receiving exceptional care and support from Luna’s Fund after our daughter's death in 2020; you will be able to trust that I can empathise with your situation whilst offering practical and emotional support.

I have also endured pregnancy after loss so I can relate, empathise and support parents facing the journey of baby loss and beyond.


Join the Luna's Fund team

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