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Luna's Fund Case Studies

We are privileged to have such wonderful reviews & feedback from so many families. You can find them all on our social media platforms, but the case studies below should give you a picture of the support we can offer through Luna's Fund.


If you would like to receive support either for yourself or for a loved one, please get in touch. 



"Thank you for allowing us to escape reality"

“...Thank you to you and Ryan for the most amazing weekend at the Scarlet. I honestly hand on heart never wanted to leave, the hotel is so amazing I couldn't fault it one bit, the food, the location, the facilities. It was 10/10….the support from you and Ryan has been so amazing Aimee. I was at one point laid on the bed and I actually laughed with Ben and totally forgot about life, albeit for 30 seconds but it was the most amazing moment which I haven't felt in 4 months. Thank you for allowing us to escape  reality, I will never forget your kindness xxx"

- Niya's Mum & Dad


"...I never thought I could feel hopeful again and yet here I am..."

"Upon arriving we were just blown away. It's a hidden paradise! The staff were incredibly kind and attentive. I almost couldn't believe a place like that exists. It's just so peaceful and beautiful even when the weather is miserable. We had the log burner to warm us in the evenings and we popped into the hot tub a couple of times.


We watched several movies while it rained in front of the fire too, and it was so cosy. The food package - what a treat! All local and independent brands, it's been delicious. I feel it was the most special and restorative getaway we've ever had, we can never thank you enough. I never thought I could feel hopeful again and yet here I am.


Oh, and your beautiful gift box. You made us cry again Aimee, you're very good at that it seems! Happy tears though! It was just amazing, you obviously put such care into the contents and we will treasure every part of it. You know, of course, how much I love the scent of Luna's candle and so I was thrilled with all of the lovely smellies you put in there. I tie that smell so tightly to the memory of our first evening with August, it's like I'm taken back to looking at his little face every time I smell it.


We're so grateful to you and Ryan for all your help and support Aimee. And though I'm sure you're probably sick of hearing us say it - Thank you. We're so lucky to have you and owe you so much."

- August's Mum & Dad

Lunas Fund Shopping Deliveries .jpg


"...They have given me the strength to go on..."

"Luna's Fund has supported me so much when I needed it the most.


They have given me the strength to go on and helped with shopping when I didn't have the strength to do it myself.

Forever grateful."

- Blerina's Mummy


"...We are forever grateful to Luna's Fund for being there throughout our whole loss and rainbow journey..."

"The Story Raine Project helped us massively by allowing us to have extra private scans to ease some of that pregnancy anxiety, even more so as my partner was allowed to attend these private scans and he wasn't for the NHS ones.


They were there for us straight away when I was panicking towards the end and Aimee got us a scan booked in when we needed it.

We are forever grateful to Luna's Fund for being there throughout our whole loss and rainbow journey."

- Ralph & Aubrey's Mum & Dad

Image by David Brooke Martin

"We have just come back from the Scarlet hotel and we can't thank you and Ryan enough. We had a lovely time and it's the first time I've felt that I could breathe since we lost Oakley.


It has also given me some hope that we can be happy again. Everything was perfect, there is nothing that could have been better. We absolutely loved it, thank you so much."

Oakley's Mum & Dad

"Huge thank you to both of you! Thank you so much! So sweet and thoughtful.

It was incredible and we had such a fantastic time! The sea view from our room was beautiful. The food was out of this world. The spa and massage, so relaxing...

...Thank you so much to you both! Luna's Fund is such a wonderful charity."

Finn's Mum & Dad

"We had an amazing time! We had time to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other's time and that's the 3 things we had forgotten how to do.


Most of all, it was time to be able to talk about our feelings and talk about Lottie, which we did all of the time but not in a sad way like we had before, but in a happy way.


We cannot thank you enough for giving us that opportunity, thank you so so much! x x x x x"

Lottie's Mum & Dad

"...It was such a lovely cabin, it really was. Plus being on the woods side meant we could sit in the hot tub and listen to the birds. We took the time to reflect and think lots about our little Wren. 💗🧡

I even saved some pj's for Fleur to wear at the cabin as they matched the sleepsuits Wren had.


A huge thank you for everything from the stay itself, to the cards, gifts and everything else. We really appreciate it."

Wren's Mummies

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