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Training & Education

We are passionate about not only supporting families during baby loss and pregnancy after loss, but about educating the world around them as they integrate back into society after experiencing trauma and as they battle through their grief. We are proud to offer training seminar's either in person or via a presentation online to educate, improve and equip workplaces with all of the tools they need to confidently support their colleagues and team members in the workplace. We spend most of our lives at work so let's make it a comfortable and approachable place to be.

Derriford Hospital

We are very grateful to have the support and encouragement from the incredible maternity staff at Derriford Hospital. In order to challenge the taboo around baby loss and to improve the bereavement aftercare within hospitals, we are passionate about education.


We offer education to ALL staff members; HCA's, Midwives, Matrons, Doctors, Consultants as they each play a crucial role in the service the parents and family receive. Our aim is to educate them on an emotive and personal level so they can come together individually and as a team to improve their actions, language, tone and compassion for those affected by baby loss.


We thank the staff at Derriford Hospital for being open and encouraging of our short presentation which was created by Co-Founder and CEO, Aimee Conroy talking about her and her husbands personal experience following the loss of their daughter Luna.

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Workplace Training

After receiving fantastic feedback from the hospital and having enquiries from angel parents asking if we could support their workplace, we are now offering training workshops, seminars and presentations for businesses who would like to support their staff.


If you would like to request further information or to book a 15 minute informal Zoom to discuss the options, please book below.

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