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We support parents with a choice of practical services that they can access immediately after the loss of their baby. The services have been created based on the personal experience of its founder's, Luna's parents, of what they would have loved at the time; a lifeline after loss.

Take a look at the graphics below to give you examples of the impact your donations can make to the work we do and the families we support. 

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"Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your help & support. It really has meant the absolute world to us."

"We have just come back from the Scarlet hotel and we can't thank you and Ryan enough. We had a lovely time and it's the first time I've felt that I could breathe since we lost Oakley.


It has also given me some hope that we can be happy again. Everything was perfect, there is nothing that could have been better. We absolutely loved it, thank you so much."

Oakley's Mum & Dad

"Huge thank you to both of you! Thank you so much! So sweet and thoughtful.

It was incredible and we had such a fantastic time! The sea view from our room was beautiful. The food was out of this world. The spa and massage, so relaxing...

...Thank you so much to you both! Luna's Fund is such a wonderful charity."

Finn's Mum & Dad

"We had an amazing time! We had time to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other's time and that's the 3 things we had forgotten how to do.


Most of all, it was time to be able to talk about our feelings and talk about Lottie, which we did all of the time but not in a sad way like we had before, but in a happy way.


We cannot thank you enough for giving us that opportunity, thank you so so much! x x x x x"

Lottie's Mum & Dad

"...It was such a lovely cabin, it really was. Plus being on the woods side meant we could sit in the hot tub and listen to the birds. We took the time to reflect and think lots about our little Wren. 💗🧡

I even saved some pj's for Fleur to wear at the cabin as they matched the sleepsuits Wren had.


A huge thank you for everything from the stay itself, to the cards, gifts and everything else. We really appreciate it."

Wren's Mummies

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