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Offering a lifeline after
loss to bereaved parents.

We are Aimee & Ryan Conroy, the founders of Luna's Fund, created in memory of our beautiful daughter  Luna Valentina Conroy who was born sleeping on the 29th November 2017. 

"Luna's Fund stands for 'Love & Unity for Neonates And Stillborns'."

Our baby loss charity is determined to positively aid the mental and physical health and wellbeing of bereaved parents upon the loss of their baby.


We aim to support them by offering a choice of tangible services that they can access immediately upon leaving the hospital. We hope our services will positively impact their grieving process and give them hope for their future; their ‘new normal.’


We have constructed these ideas based on our own experience of what we would have loved to have been offered at the time... a lifeline after loss.

The long term goal for the charity is to own a safe haven retreat. This will be a comfortable space for families to grieve, to remember and to create new memories. We have aspirations of owning our very own 'Luna's Lodge' in the near future which will be based in the South West.


We welcome you and we thank you for being part of Luna's story.

Aimee & Ryan x

Redecoration of the baby’s nursery for parents who choose that this room is too painful for them to endure on a daily basis. Restoring the room to its original or alternative use.


A relaxing getaway to help both the mind recovering from the trauma and the body recovering from labour. Giving parents the much needed breathing space to process what has happened.


Food hamper deliveries to help reduce the lack of appetite whilst promoting nutritional goodness. Offering comfort whilst giving parents the option to avoid grocery shopping and social environments in the early stages.

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Baby Loss Support Group
This group has been created solely for the families of our charity. If you are a parent or grandparent who would like to access a safe space to seek advice, share experiences and talk openly about your child or grandchild, please click 'join' below.

By connecting with like-minded individuals, we hope you can gain comfort and build connections with others through your babies. 
PAL Support Group.png
Pregnancy After Loss Support Group
This group has been created for those who are enduring the complicated journey of 'pregnancy after loss' and would like to access a safe space to seek advice, share experiences and talk openly about your child or grandchild. Please click 'join' below.

We understand how it feels to not fit into the 'normal' pregnancy groups but also feeling distant from baby loss groups during this time.

A 23 year old first time mother who chose to grieve through the letters of a keyboard to share the raw reality of losing her daughter with the world. This ten part blog is raw, moving, emotional and uncomfortable but above all it is encapsulating, endearing, humorous and a must read. 


“What you are doing in Luna's memory is incredible and I can only imagine how proud she is of you. We can't even begin to explain how much that weekend meant to us and how perfect the timing was.


The week leading up to it really was my lowest point since leaving the hospital without Ralph because of his funeral being the day before and worrying about how we would cope. We got through that week knowing we had something at the end of it where we could go and be away from everything familiar and just be together.

We will always remember it and we have already talked about trying to go back annually or something in memory of Ralph, and maybe even one day to be able to bring a future baby with us too.


We had no idea that we were your first family that you have helped, that feels really special! What you are doing for people is truly amazing!"

Love Ralph's Mum & Dad x
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