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The term ‘rainbow baby,’ is a term you may never have heard of before or you have now heard it frequently, is used to describe a baby who is born after the loss of another.


The rainbow after the storm.


The storm being grief, loss and tears, and the rainbow being a gift of light, love and hope.


We have partnered up with BabyBond, Ultrasound Direct, Plymouth and Exeter in order to offer you up to 3 additional scans on behalf of the charity. These scans will be private and additional to your NHS scans. They can be booked at the most convenient time for you, as and when you feel you need them throughout your pregnancy.


The booking of your scans will be flexible and accessible, meaning you can book them when you feel you need additional reassurance and peace of mind.


We offer this service to anybody who has suffered a previous loss from 24 weeks gestation through to 28 days neonatal death from 29th November 2017 and live in Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter or the surrounding areas.

Click here to contact us and arrange your scans

We are here Supporting you Through Our Rainbow Years. 


"Pregnancy after loss is the hardest thing apart from the loss itself and the only time we ever felt slightly okay was during scans seeing our baby girl alive and kicking on the screen.


The Story Raine Project helped us massively by allowing us to have extra private scans to ease some of that pregnancy anxiety, even more so as my partner was allowed to attend these private scans and he wasn't for the NHS ones.


They were there for us straight away when I was panicking towards the end and Aimee got us a scan booked in when we needed it.

We are forever grateful to Luna's Fund for being there throughout our whole loss and rainbow journey."

Love Ralph & Aubrie's Mum & Dad x
Story Raine Project Moon Logo Transparen
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