Join us this year for more amazing opportunities to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and to be a part of the Luna family.

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Half Marathon/10K/5K
Join us on Sunday 19th June for all 3 distance runs! No matter your ability, do something amazing this year. It is always one to remember. Select our charity when entering below for your FREE branded top,

Keep an eye on our socials for more information.
Hope 12/24/36 Hour Challenge
Join us on 1st-3rd July for 12/24/36 hour challenges, taking in turns to complete a 5 mile lap around the beautiful Newnham Estate, Plympton within small teams. If your feeling brave, you can do this solo too!

There is free camping on the site and support from the Luna Family. What an amazing achievement! Let us know your team name entry and we will ensure you have FREE branded tops for the event!

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Join us on Sunday 7th August for the opportunity of a lifetime - to skydive for FREE! Whether you are facing a fear or ticking it off your bucket list, our skydives are one to remember!

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Monthly Challenge Group
Each month we set a new challenge with a new theme for you to enjoy. Whether it's Marching in March, Beach Cleaning in August or spreading Random Acts of Kindness around Christmas, there is something for everyone! 

Get involved by joining the group below! Join almost 400 others and help us to raise awareness and make a difference.
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Support Group
This group has been created solely for the families of our charity. If you are a parent or grandparent who would like to access a safe space to seek advice, share experiences and talk openly about your child or grandchild, please click 'join' below.

By connecting with like-minded individuals, we hope you can gain comfort and build connections with others through your babies. 

Please use our range of downloadable resources below to advertise your fundraising events to help us raise awareness and support families in need. 

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Fundraising Top
If you are taking part in a fundraising event claim your FREE Luna's Fund top below. Make sure you let us know what the event is, when you will need it by, what name you would like it personalised with and what size.

It's the least we can do to thank you for your time, dedication and efforts!
Download Images-05.png
Donation Box Template
Print to card and cut/fold on the dotted lines to create your very own donation box.
Download Images-07.png
Blank Poster Templates
Download and print at your required size to advertise your fundraising event!
Download Images-06.png
Charity Leaflet
Download our leaflet to share with friends either in print or digitally over social media to help us spread awareness and reach new families who will benefit from our support.
Download Images-02.png
Instagram Image
Share this graphic on Instagram to let people know you're raising money for Luna's Fund.
Download Images-03.png
Thank You Templates
Use this poster to display the amount raised at your fundraiser or to thank those involved.
Download Images-01.png
Sponsorship Form
Use these forms to collect sponsorship details, keep a track of payments and declare Gift Aid on your donations.
Download Images-04.png
Facebook Image
Share this graphic on Facebook to
let people know you're raising money for Luna's Fund.

As you can see, every penny and pound makes a huge difference! Thank you for your support.

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