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Story Raine Project
Supporting Through Our Rainbow Years
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Pregnancy after loss is a minefield.


It is a rollercoaster of emotions tinged with worry and recurring grief. The blessing of being pregnant outshines the anxieties and doubts that may fill your mind, but the worry can often leave you feeling overwhelmed.

We can help you.

It’s a very difficult time for many reasons and it's completely normal to feel lost. You aren’t in one of the 2 categories that you are familiar with; baby loss groups or ‘normal’ pregnancy groups.


The conversations that fill these two groups don’t comprehend that you have either suffered a loss or that you are carrying new life again so it is common for you to find it hard to relate to the ‘normal’ pregnancy community. And by carrying new life again, you also don’t feel like you fit in the loss community as well as you used to.

As Luna’s parents, we found the pregnancy after loss journey extremely challenging. The hardest part for us was the worry and doubt that consumed our thoughts from the moment we woke up in the morning to the moment we went to sleep at night and it was mentally and emotionally draining.


It was a time we tried our utmost to treasure but it was a constant battle with our own worries, doubts and anxieties... are we ever going to bring home a live baby?

During the pregnancy, the time we felt happiest and most at ease was during ultrasound appointments. So much so, that we booked monthly private scans in order to see our rainbow baby happily dancing away on the screen with our own eyes.


The scans were monthly mini milestones that felt achievable and hopeful; that reassurance was utterly priceless.


This is why we've created the ‘Story Raine Project.’ 


Named after Luna's rainbow baby brother, Story Raine Conroy, we have utilised our own experience of pregnancy after loss to channel our first hand experience into a project that we hope will support and reassure others who are in a similar position.


Our aim is to virtually hold your hand, mentor, support and guide you through this complex but life changing journey with the reassurance of being able to see your baby up to 3 times more than normal. We hope this will positively aid your mental health and wellbeing during this anxious time. 

We are here Supporting you Through Our Rainbow Years. 

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Support Group
This group has been created for those who are enduring the complicated journey of 'pregnancy after loss' and would like to access a safe space to seek advice, share experiences and talk openly about your child or grandchild. Please click 'join' below.
Additional Scans

We have partnered up with BabyBond, Ultrasound Direct, Plymouth & Exeter in order to offer you up to 3 additional scans on behalf of our charity. 

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